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Driving Tips For Learner Drivers: The Importance of Seat Belt Safety

Driving Lessons For Learner Drivers – Buckle Up!

The time when seat belts were a luxury has come and gone and these life saving straps have become the norm for safety and staying alive in cases where car accidents take place. It is almost a universal requirement in the western world where seats belts are required by law to be installed and fully functional not only for the driver but for all the passengers in the car.

Buckling down is wise and smart and you should make it a part of your life and an everyday important task as soon as you take a seat in a car.

In our present world, there are still those who put on seat belts to avoid fines, to avoid getting caught by law enforcement officers for not buckling down. On the other hand, smart drivers make it a habit to put on their seat belts for safety and only safety whenever they drive a car. What is even more interesting and smarter is to get everyone in the car putting on their seat belts.

Nobody wants to learn a tragic lesson the hard way. I know that a friend of a friend lost a child for not having a seat belt on at the time. You see, the reality of the matter is that you don’t need to be involved in a collision with another car or obstacle. Heavy braking can catapult things within the car. Children or unbuckled passengers are known to get severe head injuries because they did not have their seat belts on when the brakes were abruptly pressed and made the car come to a sudden.

Your car’s seat belts protect you and your passengers in a several ways, such as:

# It will keep an occupant seated in their seat upon a collision.
# The seat belt will minimize a person’s contact with the interior of the car.
# Your seat belt will prevent ejection from the vehicle.
# It really saves lives.

If you are the driver, ensure and adhere to these simple pointers before you drive off:

1. Make sure your seat belt is properly fastened and adjusted to fit firmly and comfortably without restricting you from driving.
2. All your passengers’ seat belts are correctly fastened and adjusted to hold them back.
3. It is the responsibility of the driver to seat every child traveling in the car and to make sure they are properly restrained.
4. Ensure that all your seat belts in the car are road-worthy and operational to standards.
5. Ensure that the buckles are working in good order, both in engaging and releasing correctly.
6. Most important are that the re-tractors work precisely upon a sudden surge of braking.

Many road tolls have been eliminated due to drivers and people being more aware of simple things like the proper use of seat belts. In Victoria and in wider Australia, wearing seat belts is mandatory. Penalties for not wearing are enforced and can be costly. Wearing seat belts is clearly one of the easiest forms of driving safely. Learn to utilise this life saving tool. Buckle up and live forever.

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