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The Benefits of Learning Safe Practices in Your Driving Lessons

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On my day to day drives I see many drivers rushing all over the place. Most of these individuals do not understand how much time, money and effort these people are really wasting. They have certainly not discovered to drive in safety.

The road guidelines are getting ever stricter and controlled by the systems in government. Although the penalties and demerit points one loses during a fine can be hefty all the same I have to argue that they are there for the safety and security of the entire system. It is not wonderful driving in traffic but it is actually not safe either and idealistic to hurry through it. It actually does not get you any further ahead in daily life unless you’re running for the pole position in Formula 1 racing.

All you young drivers should discover to be patient. It saves you money and time. Build your persistence; overlook those who are whizzing by you. Don’t get hooked onto their lines. Keep your tempers and cool intact. Let them hurry and when they have gone by you will have a most pleasant journey to any place you’re heading without them intimidating you. In our driving school we stress this and other clever roadway skills to all our student drivers.

Make the most out of your financial investment from your driving instructors. They have a world of experience to share and some of them have gold nuggets that are worth every penny you’ve spent to learn from them. These skills will be with you in all your future drives.

Not every young vehicle driver has a mishap in their first 4 years while on their P’s. There are stats yelling out that P platers have a greater accident rate. These are simply statistics informing you of the data that they have collected over the years. These data do inform the stats correctly however it doesn’t imply that all P platers have a bad beginning to driving.

If you’ve had 120 hours of supervised driving lessons and have done the necessary quantity of night driving in addition to driving in various road conditions then you’re off to a great start. When getting your drivers licence, teaching safety in driving need to be on everybody’s mind. That is one reason why people are tested on the hazard perception test as prerequisite to your driving test.

There are many young motorists who are safe and much better vehicle drivers than those who have actually had a licence longer. Driving skills are a recurring learning experience that one develops gradually. The more driving you do and the more you’re in security aware mind-frame the better you will be. You will end up being amongst the top motorists in Australia who are safe and a mannered road user.

Safe vehicle drivers are those who drive responsibly. They do not hurry, they adhere to road speed limitations and they are safety conscious on the roads. They are ones who are courteous and delight in driving without feeling the tension of driving. If you have to hurry somewhere, just leave 10 minutes earlier. That way, if you get held up along the way then the time allowance will deal with that. Besides, it is not great to get a $180+ ticket in the mail for doing 9 Km’s over the speed limit.

When you do get your licence for the very first time in Australia there are some constraints that are necessary to heed. Adhere to the limits on the number of peer travelers you can lug in the automobile at any one time.

We are a professional and skilled driving school teaching young and unskilled vehicle drivers to drive a vehicle in safety. Discover to drive in safety with a professional driving school who cares for you. Call us on 040 47 48 43 7 (Melbourne) or go to our driving school website and inquire for your driving lessons.

Are you ready to Go For The Driving Test?

Ready for the Driving Test

Driving Test
Are you ready and set to got for the driving test . You’ve taken at least 120 hours of driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor who has prepared you well for the day for you to be a qualified driver who can then drive on their own without anyone to assist.

Book The Driving Test

Be excited that you’ve booked you driving test. Stay positive on that day and throughout the week leading to the driving test. Staying positive will bring out the best in you (Best Driving Test Tip). There is nothing worse then going to a driving test with a belly full of butterflies. If you get the butterflies just wish them to fly off. 🙂 Just be excited – you’re getting your drivers licence! Your right to drive a car legally on your own.

Professional Opinions

bluecheck Get the opinion of your driving instructor or who ever is teaching you how to drive. Taking driving lessons from a fully qualified instructor is the best form of learning to drive a car. They’ve told you that you’re ready to to go for the driving test. You’ve proven to everyone that you can do it.

Your instructor has shown the same excitement as you have and believe it when a driving instructor says you’re ready then you’re ready to go for the driving test. On the day of your driving test and in moments there after you will be holding your own licence – at-least a paper version until you get the plastic one in the mail. Hooray and congratulations to you!

How do you know if you’re ready to go for your driving test.

Here are some tips and indications that will hint on your readiness:

Driving School Driving Test Tips

  • Have a good control of the car.
  • Easily enter and leave traffic with confidence.
  • Anticipate the flow of traffic and stay with it.
  • Know your road rules.
  • Learn to be efficient in your hazard test knowledge.
  • Master the skill of hill start without rolling back your car.
  • Keep good control of your car in any situation.
  • Never panic and always stay in control at intersections.
  • Be excited and Confident.
  • Take a Practice Driving Test – have at-least one drive test before the actual driving test.
  • Easily adjust your mirrors as soon as you enter a car.
  • Whilst in traffic you are aware of your blind spots and any vehicles that may be there.
  • Never pass the speed limit.
  • Be confident whilst driving.
  • Flow with the rest of the traffic without causing other motorists to pass you.

Professional driving Instructor

Driving School BundooraWhen you drive with a qualified driving instructor they tend to explain exactly where you’ve done well and which areas you need more lessons in. It is their job to help you and prepare you for the driving test. They want to see you get your driving licence the first time and are eager as much as you are. You see they are excited to send you your way into the world – well that’s exactly how we feel.

Rahma Driving School Bundoora offers all it’s students an opportunity to have a rich and rewarding driving lessons which prepares the student to have an easy driving test experience.

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